Ready, Pack and Go

This is a trip which I have planned for many months. We have been on Mauritius 4 times already but I never get enough. This is not an adventure trip, this is an evasion. The days we will spend on the beach by reading, walking, swimming, taking lunches and naps. At the sunset we will return to our room for a short relaxation and perhaps a glass of champagne before we will enjoy the dinner. During the day we will be simply dressed but in the evenings we will dress up, as everybody else in those chic hotels....and I love it. I have already packed my dresses and high heels shoes as well as simple shirts and hats for the beach. Both my husband and I have chosen a pile of books which will be read in the shadow of palm trees and between the swims, naps and lunches. We also may rent a car for a short exersion but as this is 5th time we visit the island, we already know it pretty well. Perhaps a fishing trip this time......


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