En Passant

My B-day is approaching and I asked for a tiny present, I actually ordered it by myself in order to simplified it for my husband. The parfume En Passant.....just the name evokes all my senses..In Passing. I bought this exclusive bottle first time when I lived in Zurich and since that time I loved it. The most glorious, authentic smelling lilac fragrance I have ever worn. There is nothing synthetic about this perfume. It is so delicate scent and it reminds of dew drops on the lilacs. This fragrance is a masterpiece created by Olivia Giacobetti, and one that I will always love. Clean, light, delicate and quite remarkable in its simplicity. I am fast becoming a Frederic Malle addict. What a world of scents outside all synthetic products on the market....."Portrait of a lady"....."Angéliques sous la pluie"...


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