La vie est belle...

After having returned home we were busy with watering lavender bushes, arranging and cleaning our terraces, shopping etc. On our way home we lost our luggage so we had a lot of communication before the luggage was delivered to our home.
Only in the evening we found a little peace and prepared our dinner. I tried a recipe I saw in Sweden, where they grilled the fish on wooden planks. Plank should be soaked in the water first, then put on the grill together with the fish and let be there until the plank was smoldering. Then it should be removed from the grill and covered the fish with aluminum foil. My plank has not been enough in the water and therefore it developed a lot of smoke. The fish was good but the taste was rather smoked than cooked. However, it was one of the marvelous evenings, just being together and celebrate the summer moments..........


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