While away Sunday.....

The strong wind "Mistral" which disturbed us the two last days is gone and the hot weather arrived. Our pool has reached the temperature of 27°C which makes it is very pleasant for taking a swim. We enjoyed the Sunday with some gardening, watering, swimming and resting at the pool side with books and sudoku. When the weather is hot we eat only light lunch and have some fish or chicken for dinner. The tomato season has just started and there is an incredible selection of different varieties of tomatoes on the market. I made a salad of them and served it together with goat cheese. This is my preferred type of summer food. I eat tomatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In Provence they taste rather fruit than vegetable. In the evening we always drink tisane (herbal tea), it is a kind of ritual, tasty and healthy :) We also lighted up an oil lamp and a lot of candles....and I wonder if I would be brave enough and spend a whole night outside, sleeping in pool house. Not sure, the night belongs to the animals and I am not sure whoever crosses our plot during the nights.....


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