Taste of Autumn

Today's market was almost empty. I guess that it was due to the Mistral wind which has arrived and which you feel independently how well dressed you are. My husband who returned home yesterday night from Sweden was already used to the low temperature but for me it was a surprise like for many locals. We made our shopping as the fish, vegetables, bread, flowers and also some girolles (mushrooms) and chestnuts. I also visited a butcher to buy some lamb chops. Lamb is still the meat which is produced in very natural way, at least here in Provence. The butcher made a nice lamb package for me and he also shared his recipe. I should roast it for 10min from both side and then keep it in oven at 120°C  additional 20 min before I slice/cut it into individual pieces. When I bought chestnuts I received an advice how to roast them in an open fireplace. This is a new way of shopping, by receiving new ideas for cooking. Tonight we lighted the wood fire for the first time this season and  enjoyed the lamb with haricots verts and mushrooms together with a deep red wine. Now we are planning for our hike tomorrow.


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