Tout est bien qui finit bien

It is exactly 1 year since I started this blog. The goal was to try the technology about blogging but also to get in touch with friends who are not yet on the Fafacebook. It has been very inspirational to share my recipes, to write about our travel experiences but also about the daily life here in Luberon. Our wonderful life continues by following the seasonal changes, by meeting old and new friends and also by traveling, picknicking, dining etc. Two years ago when I decided to retire I had two main goals. The first one was to find an inner peace and the second one was to learn French. Both are still on my agenda and will remain for the rest of my life as both are evolving all the time. I will stay on Facebook and I am looking forward to reconnect with you there. In my view is facebook an excellent meeting point. You can get involved or you can just observe others, it is up to you. And remember, when you do not try new things, it a sign of getting old....and this is the last thing we like to be....or? :))


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