Figues de Provence

Figs are in season and we have them on the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They come in different colours but all of them are VERY sweet. I use them in the salads, particularly with rocket salad and parma ham. They also taste wonderful when roasted or grilled with meat. As desert they are unbeatable, just roasted in the oven 20 min at 200°C with little of butter and a drizzle of agave sirup and few rosemary sprigs. I serve them together with creme fraiche or yoghurt without additional sugar.....the sweetness of the fig is enough. This is an ancient fruit and have been cultivated in centuries but I learnt them eat fresh only few years ago. Until that they always arrived in dried form around Christmas time and were not appreciated at all. Now, in fresh form they becomes my favorite, but again I eat them only in season in spite of the fact that they are available in supermarkets around the year but.... without any taste.


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