Road Trip Tarn, Lot, Dordogne-DAY 2

After the breakfast and a short walk along the river Tarn we left the Château de la Caze. At this point we didn't know that we will stay here once again on our way home, but about this later. Today's target was the river Lot and the Château Mercuès in Cahors. 20 years ago we made a similar trip along the river Lot and discovered this beautiful hotel Château Mercuès and their wines. It was in a hot summer and we still have memories from our dinner outside in the Château's courtyard. We followed the beautiful river Lot and stayed several time for picnic or just enjoying the surroundings. It was a long trip and when we finally navigated through Cahors and arrived to this peaceful hotel, we learnt that the restaurant was closed on Mondays. There were no other alternatives in the vicinity and we were adviced to drive 20 min to another good restaurant. We decided to drive to the near supermarket and to buy cheese and pate and spent the evening in our beautiful and expensive room. The view from the windows was remarkable as the chateau is located high over the river Lot. Again, the silence, only interrupted by the sound of rushing water of river Lot was the last thing I thought about before I fell in a deep sleep.
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This was the courtyard we had our dinner 20 years ago. It is still the same but Mondays are unfortunately closed.
We visited their wine cellar and also bought some bottles of wine. Older than Bordeaux and with a reputation for darkness and strength it is the only French red wine based on the Malbec grape. If you like deep red wine, ask for Cahors wine next time you make shopping. There are extraordinary.


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