Good-bye Summer, Welcome Autumn.......

There is only one remedy for the ending summer and that is to welcome in the next season with open arms. Autumn has always been my favorite season and therefore no clouds to welcome it. Particularly, here in Provence, we got an additional month of summer which makes us all pretty satisfied. Yesterday we started our french class so like other children, pupils an students we are back in school, with new energy and enthusiasm. The gardener today  pruned some of the trees and also cut the perovskia. Now, there are only the roses and the oleander flowers which still remind about the summer season. Also the vineyeards fields are getting the color of gold. I am changing the cooking style from light dishes and salads to more comfortable pots and soups. Yesterday, we enjoyed, first time in this year the pumpkin soup. I served it with a tartine and dried tomato pesto. Soon we will start our hiking season, soon we will light our woodfire to warm up during the coming chilly evenings and to make all of  things which we planned for during all those hot days.

Coq au vin with salad and sourdough bread



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