The Scent of Lavender

I wish I could share with you the scent of lavender that is spreading around our house. We have about 400 plants and they begin to reach their flowering. It's so magical to see the blue color and all those busy bees who work. To me it's summer, Provence, lazy days, swimming in the pool, barbecue and summer food .... I love summer.


Today we went to our weekly market in Apt. Beside shopping fruits and vegetables, we had coffee with friends and we also bought some flowers. I am a friend of casual living lifestyles which focus on the simple pleasures of life.... therefore I like flower arrangement as simple as possible. The professional floral arrangements are nothing for me. Just to simple combine the colors, the a bucket of summer me adow flowers.

Home Decoration

When we built and decorated our house it was so much to decide about at the same time that we made it very simple. All walls were painted off-white. Now, after having lived in the house for a while I feel the off-white color a little boring. Finally, we decided to paint a front wall in our bathroom in red/orange color and the result is astonishing....So I am already planning another painting project in our bedroom. The color of the carpet in our bedroom is harmonizing with the adjacent bathroom.

Reflection on welcoming home....

I have a wonderful book from Lucia van der Post with a funny name Things I wish my mother had told me. I love everything about this book and I also bought it to my daughter as I believe that every women should have an own copy. The book has also a chapter about home and her definition is so lovely:
A home is a canvas on which we paint our personalities. As we travel more, this influences the way we live and adds another layer to the things we surround ourselves with. A home is also the storehouse of our family histories, living archive that told the house of our personal lives. Every picture, every book, every object tells the story. It speaks of where we've been and who we are, of what we mean to each other and of how we relate to the word around us.
To create a welcoming home it doesn't mean a lot of money....fill your home with books and music, flowers, fruit, chocolate and some wine and coffee and you are there :))

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