Muesli for breakfast

Some days ago I made the muesli blend which I enjoy daily for the breakfast. It not necessarily needs to be served in a porridge style but in more appetizing way. Just layer the muesli with fruits and yogurt in a glass or a bowl.
Here are the muesli soaked in milk over night before layering them.

Wok with scallops

As a continuation of our healthy days I cooked today wok with scallops. At the bottom of the plate and below the vegetables and scallops is a pile of whole grain rice. All seasoned with sesame oil, soy sauce, grated ginger, garlic, roasted sesame seeds and garnished with coriander and spring onions.

En visitant

As I said earlier my brother is visiting us in Provence. The days begin with long breakfasts, followed by long lunches and long dinners. He is also a fan of healthy eating so the food is very easy....Yesterday we went to our village and then we watered our lavender bushes as it is still hot and dry. After the dinner we sat with a cup of tea on the terrace talking, laughing and having good time........
Here is another guest which we daily host for breakfast, lunch and dinner....

La fête de méres

I received yesterday this beautiful bouquet of flowers from my daughter and you can see on the picture how happy I was. This year the bouquet was in pink color with beautiful peonies and lilies. In my spontaneous reflection I think how much flowers mean in our lives and how much you can say with help of them......

Home made Muesli

I have always done my own muesli because it is easy and you know what is in it. I divide my muesli content into 3 categories:
  1. "CEREALS"- soya , oats and chestnuts flakes. I buy the soya and chestnuts flakes in our local Bio shop already roasted. They are crunchy and have a better taste.
  2. NUTS and SEEDS- hazelnuts (roasted in oven 190°C 10 min, chopped), sunflower and pumpkin seeds ( roasted in a pan)
  3. DRIED FRUIT - Cranberries, dates and apricots
This is the basis and then you can explore the categories in which direction you want. I use this blend as is to sprinkle it over yogurt or I soak it in milk during the night and then mix it with yogurt and fresh berries..... de fleurs blanches comme toujours, naturellement

My husband needed some plants to the garden so I followed him to our local garden nursery. And the result? I bought white flowers looks so cute on the terrace.....oh soooo beautiful. Tomorrow it is our market in Apt which means an early morning (8 am:)) for us. Later on we will drive to the airport in Marseille in order to collect my brother. I have started the month of May together with my sister and will finished it together with my brother. It feels so good to have time to meet both of them in a relaxed environment without hurry. I'm the youngest of us three. One lives in Sweden, one in Czech Republic and I in France. It is not always easy to meet each other....

Red beetroot and horseradish

I love the combination. It gives the salad an extra edge, particularly when seafood is involved. I served today yesterday's leftovers (salmon burgers) with a plenty of vegetables and salad leaves. Instead of any sauce I added the grated beetroots and horseradish. I always think about the colors of vegetables....more deep color and many different colors gives more protection.

Another beautiful day

A young couple visited us today. We haven't seen them since long and therefore I was happy to arrange a lunch. As you know lunches in Provence are serious venues and take time. When our friends left I started to prepare tea for our you can imagine the time perspective I am talking about. It is always so refreshing to meet young people particularly those with positive attitude and a lots of inspiring....thanks D&J for taking your time to find us and to spend the whole afternoon with us. Here are some pics from the day.....

Anti-aging food

Yesterday I bought a new book about Anti- aging. It was not only for the subject, I bought it, but I thought it might be easier to read French if you have some interest in the subject. And I was right .... now I have enhanced my collection of healthy books with French one.....and to tell you true I already have many of them in 3 other languages. Anyhow, in this book I have found a salad recipe with my favorite ingredients as fennel, prunes, orange juice, olive oil and nuts (pinenuts or walnuts).....easy and delicious summer food. I served it with few fresh grilled sardines. The fennel is thinly sliced on a mandolin, the prunes are soaked a few minutes in the orange juice and then cut in small pieces. Olive oil and the remaining orange juice are combined into a dressing and the nuts are sprinkled over just before serving.....I have not even used any salt or pepper, it was not necessary.

Outdoor life

As the heat continues we are moving out from the house :). The books, agendas, notebooks and whatever is needed is now moved to the terrace at the poolside. The area includes also the "cuisine d'ete" which means that we also can prepare simple food or make a BBQ there. It is like a camp and a wonderful refuge for the coming hot summer days.

Heat in Provence

It is only May but we already have a heat wave 30°C in Provence and without rain in the last two weeks. It is nice for the swimming in the pool and for the warm evenings when we sit outside but there is also a pitfall with this type of weather....the garden. Although we have automatic watering system but not everywhere. Our lavender plantation (400 plants) is without watering and under normal conditions they are very resistant bushes and manage dry periods in summer but in the spring they need water. So today we spent some hours to water all those plants. And in spite of the heat we fell so lucky and privileged about our lives.

Our first BBQ this year

We are finally home. After having visited the market in Coustellet and refilled our fridge we undertook a big cleaning.
..but before the shopping we enjoyed coffee and croissant at the local cafe...

Our terraces have become contaminated with pollen and blooming flowers, which took us a whole day to clean and wash. After that the terrace floor was washed, the furniture cleaned and equipped with cushions, we enjoyed the weather and made ​​a cozy evening on the terrace. First we swam in the pool and then grilled the newly purchased fish and enjoyed it with new potatoes and spring vegetables .....
Here in Provence I am literally surrounded by rosemary bushes so I use rosemary sprigs as an smelling agent in the BBQ bed......the smell is mouthwatering.

Bye Provence Hello Sweden

Today I leave our paradise for a trip to Sweden. Most of all I am looking forward to see my daughter. I will also take opportunity to see some movies, drink coffee and watch people from cozy cafes. This time I don't take even camera with me so it will be quite on the blog. Have a nice week and...... AU REVOIR.
First oleander flower this year.....Summer is here.

My husband Bday

This week we are again between two journeys and on Monday morning we are going to Sweden. In the middle of all, husband celebrates his birthday. We decided to stay home and only have a dinner for us two. Usually it is the best solution although after 22 years of marriage :) So I cooked a dinner for two. Before that we were on the market and bought a lot of wonderful food. Here are some sneak peaks of the day:
Bday boy with  flowers, a real Provencal
Fava beans and sweet juicy melon....
....which I transformed to a carpaccio and served with mozzarella cheese.
I also found summer chanterelles and together with spring vegetables and a piece of veal it became the main coarse.
...and finally mousse au chocolat with fruits

Cherries in season

We took a walk today in spite of the heat. I knew that after the walk I would be rewarded when diving in the pool. But there was also another reward along the hiking trail......cherries and in plenty.

Lovely Petunias

Some weeks ago we planted a few petunias in old pots. They did not look remarkable, but now they have really developed into a tremendous beauty. They look like snowmen during the day and in the night they iluminate the darkness. For many years we have tried with more expensive and noble beauties but never succeed and now this little ordinary flower has really proved its future in our garden........

Eggplants as antipasti

Yesterday I tried another recipe from my favorite food blog. I have always liked eggplants and are searching for new creative recipes......but no, moussaka is not for me. This antipasti has a mediterranean flavor and I can imagine a lot of utilisations as together with bruschetta, pasta or as taste agent in a salad. So I tried to cut some pieces into our evening salad.....a little bit garlicy..if you like it.
I like a light dinner and I avoid carbohydrates in the evening. My husband is another story, he rounds off each night with crispbread and mesost (both transported from Sweden). After this light dinner and earlier swim in the pool I slept 10hours. Such a wonderful feeling to be relaxed when you woke up, then shower, pilates and breakfast....and now a little hike.

Chicken Escabeche

I have found recipe of my favorite summer dish "Chicken Escabeche" which is a chicken (could be also fish or pork) marinated in an acidic mixture before serving. It is a simple dish which feeds many and fits very well for informal summer meals. You can cook it a day before, keep it in the fridge and let it rest at room temperature for 2 hours before serving.

For 6 people you need:
12 chicken drumsticks
olive oil
2 large onions, thinly sliced into rings
3 carrots, thinly sliced
1 tsp Cumin seeds
1 tsp hot paprika powder
2 bay leaves
dried red chilli
springs of thyme
3 strips of orange rind
1/2 dl sherry vinegar
4.5 dl medium-dry sherry (I used madeira)
1dl orange juice
1/2 cube of chicken bouillon
  • Cook drumsticks in olive oil (you can add a little of butter) until cooked well. I fried them first from all side and then cooked them in oven in additional 30min. It depends of the side of the drumsticks but I like them very well cooked.
  • When cooked place the drumsticks in a glass or ceramic dish just large enough to hold them in a single layer and season to taste.
  • Heat oil and cook the onion, carrots and cumin seeds for 3 min, stirring occasionally, until onion is soft but still holding its shape. Add paprika, bay leaves, chilli, thyme, orange rind, vinegar, sherry and orange juice and the cube of bouillon. Cook for 8 min until the carrots are tender.
  • Pour the hot mixture over chicken and cool completely. Serve at room temperature with bread and salad.


Just wanted to share some pictures from today the summer time we rather spend our days around the pool and on the terrace. We have still not arranged our outside furniture due to the large amount of pollen coming mainly from the oak trees and covering everything with their yellow dust.  It takes another week until we fully open our Summer season :))


After our morning French lesson we stopped at the supermarket in order to refill our fridge as it was almost empty. Tuesday is the day when the fresh fish arrives so I took the opportunity and bought some rougets which we like so much. I just roasted them in butter and served them together with fennel-betroot-harricot verts salad. We eat now all our meals outside as the weather is warm.... in the shadow of the grapevine pergola and to the sound of our the lazy days begin.....
Yesterday we also switched on the heating in our pool which results just now in 23°C ....almost time to dive in. My husband takes a swim every day but women are of more delicate nature so I wait for more degrees...


Yesterday I returned to my beloved Provence. After I left my sister on the Nice airport I went to the railway station and boarded the fast train to Avignon. My husband who arrived earlier from Stockholm was already there waiting for me when I arrived. We drove home along the meadows full of poppies and stopped at a stand to buy some local vegetables and fruits. The young man in the stand recommended ancient type of tomatoes for a salad so I bought it together with basil and cherries and strawberries. I made a simple salad for the dinner as we have both  been nourished on sandwiches the whole day. We sat outside and enjoyed the view and being together again.....

Villefranche sur Mer

After the breakfast we decided to walk the Sentier du Litoral or coastal path from Nice to Villefranche sur Mer. It winds its way up, down and along creeks, cliffs and pebbled beaches. Unfortunately it doesn't go the whole way so partly we needed to walk along the road. Villefranche sur Mer is a lovely small village compared to Nice and the life is very much slowed down there. We enjoyed a lunch in the harbor and returned home by bus. For tonight I bought tickets to a baroque concert.


Today we took the train from Nice to Menton. We wanted to discover the city of Menton which is famous for their lemons' cultivation. As all cities along the Côte d'Azur also Menton is a tourist city. However the old centrum is still authentic. Menton is situated only few kilometers from the Italian border and the city has a strong Italian flavor. We strolled around, lay on the beach and returned back to Nice exhausted but happy....and wondering what will we do tomorrow?

Lunch sandwich with parma ham, mozzarella and basil simple and so delicious!

Cap Ferrat-Villa Ephrussi de Rothchild

Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild is a French seaside palazzo constructed between 1905 and 1912 at Cap Ferrat. We spent 2 wonderful hours visiting the house and the unbelievable gardens. It helped that the day was beautiful also we could enjoy the views in all directions. Today we travelled first time the bus along the coast and we found it as a very efficient public transportation...and it costs only 1€.

On the beach

My sister has a pain in her knee so we decided to take it easy today. The HI Beach, a popular place for the younger generation :), became our home for the whole day. The restaurant there serves international and modern food which I appreciate more than the traditional French dishes. So I enjoyed sashimi with soba salad and my sister vegetarian pasta....and one glass of rose wine diluted with a lot of ice...:)) My sister and I don't see each other very often therefore we have so much to talk about. Such a wonderful day with a lot of chat and laugh.

First day in Nice

In spite of several delays I am finally in Nice. I have also collected my sister from the airport and we have enjoyed the dinner on a restaurants closed to our apartment. And guess what...seafood again. Now we are back in our flat, drinking tea and planing the next day.

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