Bohemian chaos

That's I would describe the atmosphere in our house. There are books and magazines laying on all tables, bathing suites hanging everywhere, kicked off shoes laying both inside and outside....and I enjoy it. Normally I am a ZEN person and like to have it tidy around but the summer is an exception. I do not care. So just now after having finished my breakfast (11:30am) I am sitting on our terrace, listening to the water sound of fontain and discussing yesterdays event. We went to Orange  to see Rigoletto opera in the ancient roman amphitheater. The theater is in the same condition as 2000 years ago.... almost. We sat together with other 7000 visitors on the same stone benches as our roman ancestors did....and it was an overpowering feeling. If you combine it with top performing artists and musicians, the beautiful tones of Verdi and the sky full of stars, you get the picture....don't you?. It was first time this year I managed to secure tickets to this very special event. Next year we will be back there again.


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