Roasted tomatoes soup with goat cheese creme

An excellent soup. I roasted small tasty tomatoes (cut in half) together with some gloves of garlic (skin on), olive oil and salt in oven for 30min at 175°C. Then I removed the skin from the garlic and mixed everything together in a mixer. I also added a spoon of tomato paste and seasoned it with salt and pepper. Then I strained the soup through a colander. I did not added any bouillon or water, just kept it as is. Together with that I served a creme mixture of a soft goat cheese and greek yoghurt. The combination of the sweet roasted tomatoes and the goat cheese is really delicious. I enjoyed the soup cold but you can eat it warm as well. I also drizzled litlle of olive oil on top of the soup and sprinkled over a few pine nuts and some basil leaves. This soup will definitely stay on my menu. The next time I invite my friends for dinner I will serve it as a starter.


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