Cozy Friday and roasted lamb it is fifth day of consecutive rain in Provence and the forecast is still about rain. This is not the weather you would expect in June in Provence. Many tourists have arrived for the Ascension Day and they must be disappointed about the rain. However, in our house we have lightened the wood fire, the lamb is in the oven and the smell of rosemary and thyme spreads in the house. It reminds rather about Autumn season but who need to find pleasure in any situation. Soon I will serve the roasted lamb with roasted potatoes and carrots and steamed asparagus. As dessert we will enjoy fresh cherries. My brother is still with us and I tried to serve such quality food which is not common in his home like lamb and asparagus. Later on we will watch a Swedish thriller on DVD.....pretty cozy in spite of the drizzle and fog outside.


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