Canal du Midi

We took an advantage of the beautiful indian summer and decided to make a little excursion. We drove south-west with a goal to follow the Canal du Midi. 15 years ago we spent a week on the boat going from Castelnaudary via Carcassone and ended up our journey near Séte. This was a funny trip 4 adults with 3 youngsters onboard. It was time to check whether the Canal was still maintained and whether the boats still run on it. We started our trip in Séte and followed then the Canal upstream. The beaches around Séte were empty in spite of the sunny whether. We could have our pick-nick totally alone, just watching kids and surfers from a distance. There are some interesting cities along the canal as Carcassonne with its medieval La Cité. We noted that the whole area was pretty poor, simple houses and particularly a total absence of luxury hotels. In Luberon you have 4stars (= eu 5stars) in every corner. During the days we walked along the canal, in the afternoons we visited historical city and monuments and in the evenings we warmed up with local dishes like cassoulet and duck confit. Last night we found accommodation in ancient Abbey school, which was so cold and our thoughts went to all those boys who spent years in this interesting but very unfriendly building.


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