Road Trip Tarn, Lot, Dordogne-DAY 1

France is like a beautiful garden. Wherever you go you will not be disappointed. This time we decided to drive to the valley of river Tarn, Lot and Dordogne. We have driven 2000 km mostly on small roads , through chestnut-forests and discovered another beautiful Coin de France. There are two famous gorges around the river Tarn, Gorge du Tarn and Gorge du Jonte, both offer breathtaking views and dizzy feeling of vertiginous heights. I was jumping in and out of the car using my camera frequently. I am one of those who assume hotels as important part of any journey and therefore I carefully selected our accommodation. However, first night we changed our booking as we passed by a beautiful Chateau de la Caze which we couldn't resist. Built in 14th century as a wedding gift to a young girl it serves today as a luxury hotel. The ambiance is something very special. We arrived late in the afternoon, tired and hungry. They had only one room left and we took it immediately. In France you can only have dinner after 19:30, not earlier. This I still have difficult to adopt in spite of living in France for 2 years. However, at 19.30 we were in the restaurant having a glass of champagne. We were approaching the fois gras region and therefore we chosen this fat and delicate goose liver as the starter, followed by a fish dish, which was my best meal ever. We fell asleep that night surrounded by complete darkn ess and stillness only interrupted by a rushing sound of the river Tarn.


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