Road Trip Tarn, Lot, Dordogne-DAY 4&5

Eating fois gras each night, drinking wine and particularly eating dinner late has some disadvantages. After these 3 days my body was longing for something light like soup, salad or just yoghurt or fruits. But I know that in France is this not an option, dinner here is an event. We checked out from Le Vieux Logis and on the parking place we met two Americans who were on the same route to Brantome and to the same hotel so we said "A bientot". Brantome is called The Venice du Perigord" located on a small river called Dronne. We arrived to our hotel The Moulin d'Abbey early afternoon, checked in and strolled around. We found a beautiful village grounded around an ancient Abbey, also the Moulin served in the past for the purpose of the Abbey. We took again a boat ride in order to get an understanding of the water system and also to learn about the main attractions. Dinner we enjoyed outside on the hotel terrace together with other 2 couples. The majority of guests preferred the cozy and warm interior of the restaurant, but we claimed our Viking origin and stayed outside in the chilly night. Next morning we both caught a cold....
Next day after the breakfast we drove to Limouges and its porcelain factory. To me the name has always awoken memories of fine dining. You remember Meryl Streep's and Robert Redford's first meeting in Karin Blixen Out of limouges... is she worried for when traveling by train to her new home and husband through Africa. The factory was established 1797 and is still private owned and runs by 6th generation of the family. I entered the factory shop empty handed and left it with a pile of plates labeled Royal Limouges. From Limoge we drove to a small village Marreil when my husband had some project many years ago. Back home, we went to a simple bistro for a fish meal. The bistro was located near the river and very soon we had company of ducks and a baby otter who also wanted to share out meal.


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